The Tramp Stamp is our saddle based bag with a two position, adjustable saddle strap. It also has a removable, rigid plastic base to help it keep its shape and double seat post straps to keep the bag secure and help eliminate the swinging that occurs in so many saddle bags.

Redesigned in 2014 to optimize the bag position and size, the bag is large enough for multiple items of clothing, flip flops (for around camp, etc.), a down jacket and so much more.

  • Adjustable saddle strap
  • Bungie cord for holding jackets, etc. using heavy duty D rings
  • Mesh pocket for safely securing your SPOT Tracker
  • Color customisable XPac body and Cordura panels as well as closure.

Coming Soon….


The bag for for those short trips, commuting, Alpencross and more. When you only have room for one bag, this is the one to take. Big enough for a jacket, tools, etc. It doesn’t get in your way when you want to do some more technical riding but does what you need it to.