Our ‘do it all’ food bag. Large enough to hold a Nalgene bottle, multiple energy bars or gels, a camera and so much more. Each side has a mesh pocket that’s great for holding a small lock, lighter, knife, schrader/presta adapter, etc. Best of all, I can make it in nearly any color you can think of.

As of late 2015, the Cookie Jar will be updated with a removable (coozy-style) liner and an optional ‘system’ bar attachment. More info. to come soon.

Materials: Cordura, X-Pac, webbing, DuraFlex hardware


The newly redesigned Nomad is where I store all my sleeping gear. Currently, I have in mine, a tent, quilt, stakes, ground cloth and pad. Borrowing the idea from the classic compression sack, the Nomad has the ability to be horizontally compressed using the supplied straps or to be rolled and closed like a normal dry bag closure.

Materials: Cordura, webbing, DuraFlex hardware,



More for the minimalist bikepacker. The Hobo Harness, as the name implies is a harness made to hold a dry bag. SpoK Werks supplies the Hobo Harness, you supply your own dry bag.

Materials: Cordura, X-Pac, webbing, DuraFlex hardware



The Ramora attaches to either the Nomad or the Hobo Harness to give you some extra storage space on the front of your bike.

Materials: Cordura, X-Pac, webbing, DuraFlex hardware



Specificially designed to fit the very popular Jones Loop Bar, this bag fits inside the loop. This bag comes in two versions (Thumbs or no Thumbs). One is designed for those who want to use the full space and the other is for those that want to wrap their thumbs inside the ends of the loops.

Materials: Cordura, X-Pac, webbing, DuraFlex hardware